5 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation

Do you sometimes wake up and think of all the things you have to do in the day and just want to crawl back to bed?  Most of us have been there at least once or a hundred times. There are instances when I would wake up, turn off my alarm, and think about calling off work. Days like these can really ruin your whole day.

Getting up in the morning can be tough especially if you are not prepared for the day. But don’t worry, I will show you how to wake up and be ready for your day. Here are 5 ways to help you get in the right mindset and start your day off right.

  1. Start preparing the night before

The best way to start your day is to prepare the night before. People need to understand that getting a good night sleep is something your body needs in order to wake up energized. Not only will you wake up full of energy but it will help you feel better throughout the day. The best way to prepare at night is by having a goal and remember what you are working for. Having a goal will help you stay focus and motivated and work towards that goal. Another way is by turning off your television and especially turning off social media at an early time. Remember that the blue light that emits from your phone will interfere with your sleep and will keep you awake. Try to turn off your phone early at night so that you can get a good night sleep.

2. Do not go on social media

With the rise of social media and technology, millions of people wake up in the morning and go straight to their social media. I get it, you want to check your messages and look at some positive quotes and next thing you know you check the time and 45 minutes have passed. Now you start running around rushing to get out of the house. You forget to eat breakfast or prepare lunch and now your day started on the wrong foot. Before you go on social media you should first make sure that you are prepared for the day. Whether it’s taking a shower, doing your bed, or just saying a prayer.  Making sure that you focus on yourself first thing in the morning will help you start your day in a positive note.  Social media can be addictive but just remember your goals and dreams and you will defeat the addiction that is social media.

3. Make your bed

Making your bed can be an easy task that many people fail to perform. If you are wondering how making your bed will help in your day, here is the answer. As Admiral McRaven said in his speech, “if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed”.  Making your bed in the morning may be a small accomplishment but it is the first task that you will complete in the day. This task will set the tone of the day and will help you complete other tasks throughout the day. Starting off your day by completing a single task will encourage you to complete greater tasks. Not only will you feel encouraged but you will also feel happy that you have accomplished something early in the morning. Being happy and staying encourage is a great way to a successful day.

4. Exercise in the morning

Morning workouts can be very beneficial not only for your health but also to start your day off right. Researchers have found that people who exercise in the morning experience deeper, long sleep than those who exercise in the afternoon. As I mentioned in method one, getting a good night sleep is the best way to start your day off right. Make sure to exercise in the morning if you want to secure all of the sleep benefits. Additionally, working out on a regular basis will help you stay in shape, lower blood pressure, and keep you healthy. You can give it a try. Start by exercising once a week in the morning then twice a week and so on. You will feel better and have more energy for your daily routine.

5. Eat a well-balanced breakfast

Eating a well-balanced breakfast is super beneficial not only for your body but also for your day. Eating a healthy breakfast can help you by not over eating later in the day. Not only will you eat more in the day but you will also spend more money by buying more food. Instead of scrolling thru Instagram or Facebook, take five minutes in the morning to a make some oatmeal or cook some eggs. Eating breakfast will help jumpstart your metabolism and give you the energy that you need for a positive and productive day. Research shows that eating breakfast helps people focus more and have higher energy levels. Do not skip on these health benefits and start your day with a well-balanced breakfast.

Now that you know how to start your day off right, give it a try and let me know what you think.

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I hope I can encourage other people to live a great life and follow their dreams. Stay motivated, work hard, and achieve your goals.

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